Shop Floor Kiosks

Shop Floor Kiosks



To develop kiosk software that would be used to capture real-time timesheet and job tracking data on the production floor. The Shop-Floor Data Collection application needs to help an organization to setup Data Collection points throughout the Production Area using networked computers with biometric sensors (fingerprint reader). It was required that the kiosk software be integrated with another existing application which is used to generate various job and production reports.


Our Strategy:

Chimera took the initiative by understanding the required needs to help an organization that captures the job tracking data on the production floor. We estimated the development efforts and timeline for developments and integrations.


Our Solution:

The fingerprint reader integrated kiosk software was developed with a rich user interface and easy navigations for employees to key in their details quickly. The application was incorporated into the existing corporate database to provide the users with the clock-in, clock-out, job-in, and job-out information. When employees approach the kiosk to plug-in data, they should authenticate their fingerprint before entering any information on the kiosk. The system only on authentication will display the menu for the employees to key in the info else they would have to intimate their supervisor. This application is also used to generate various job and production reports.


Business Outcome:

  • Accurate information provided and faster customer service
  • An efficient way of authenticating the organizations employees will help the critical information to stay secure
  • Increases productivity just by saving time


Tech Stack:

 .Net 1.1, SQL Server 2000, Flash

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