Corel Plugins

Corel Plugins



Our client is a web to print digital solutions; it has a set of designers who work on Corel, designing new templates. The company also had an application that the store personnel uses to showcase the product catalogue to the customers.



The need was to have a Corel that could retrieve and store old/new designs into a secure organization product catalogue.


Our Strategy:

We mapped the workflow and schedule for this specific project after thorough conversations with our customer. With the essential requirements of previous Corel templates history, we were able to create a solution, by the clients approval. For every in-house project management scheme, we practice a transparent atmosphere with the customer. By updating the weekly progress with the client, we delivered the project on time.


Our Solution:

To cater to this requirement, a Corel plug-in was developed using its existing GMS files architecture. A middleware layer consisting of .Net DLL and an enterprise service bus was formed to communicate with the current product catalogue. The Corel plug-in now would allow users to authenticate and submit new designs to the product catalogue. Integrated simple workflows allow the administrators of the system to modify and approve the design. The Corel plug-in also allows the designer to drop tags that are later customizable by the customer.


Business Outcome:

  • By using a customized solution the clients time was saved greatly
  • The result was a success by any measure as it allows the customer to modify the previously approved design


Tech Stack:

 Corel Draw X3, VBA, .Net DLL, Webservices

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