Augmentation of Sustainability and Governance for an Online Portal

Augmentation of Sustainability and Governance for an Online Portal



The business of our client is over a decade old; they specialize in helping hospitality organizations with their corporate responsibility, sustainability platform, driving profitability, and streamlining data management.


They have worked on program development, data management, bench marking, and reporting with hospitality businesses.



The online portal is a data platform, i.e., a one-stop solution for catalyzing sustainability across hospitality and tourism.


The client wanted to enhance specific requirements for the portal such as, increase in the platform performances, automate the workflow of the data that requires manual intervention, an alteration of UI design for the portal and benchmark presentation through graphs for water, electricity, waste, carbon, sustainable practices. Furthermore, this portal has a lot of complex back-end calculations to perform.


Our Strategy:

Understanding the existing portal was the key, both functionally and technically. By knowing the requirements, in collaboration with the client and sprint planning, hundreds of data were thoroughly segregated and categorized by implementing a complex level automated solution.


Our Solution:

Chimera worked jointly with the client about the requirements for the portal, in developing the overall solution and incorporating the user interface with customisable capabilities for every client.


We implemented graph representation, which includes country, climatic zones, carbon footprint, water utilization, checklists for single property user, and multiple property owners, among others.


Additionally, we enabled the complex calculation that takes place on the back-end process for sustainable practices like, energy efficiency, water risk, biodiversity data, waste data, and more. These are configured using the programmed parameters.


Overall the automated solution reduced manual work, increased operational, and business efficiencies.


Business Outcome:

Our team re-architected many components in the online portal, and the ending result shows potential, such as,


  • Performance improvements gained through the automation of the bulk uploads
  • Process automation led to reduced errors from the employees thereby saving time and money
  • A detailed review of benchmarks on the portal for the clients
  • The portal is more user-friendly that leads to self-reliant users

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